Oscine Therapeutics pipeline

Oscine’s platform targets multiple diseases with high unmet need and significant market potential ​

Oscine’s most advanced programs will enter the clinic in 2019/2020.


Globally, it is estimated that ~30% of MS patients have progressive disease.
210.000 SPMS patients in major markets
No drugs are approved for SPMS that help repair damaged nerves and induce remyelination


Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease

Prevalence of Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease is estimated to be ~2 in 500,000 males; this X-linked condition rarely affects females. Patients often die of respiratory complications during infancy or early childhood
Despite the well understood disease course and pathophysiology, there are no treatment options


Huntington’s disease

It is estimated that there are ~30,000 HD patients in the US, and ~28,000 in the EU
9,000 HD patients in the US and EU are likely in the early manifest stage and represent a potentially treatable pool for DMTs prior to rampant neuronal loss
Glial dysfunction (particularly astrocytic) has been shown to contribute to HD pathology